Wherever you go, there you are.
— Confucius probably, and also me on a daily basis

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where I grew up on a farm with dogs, cats, and of course, my parents Shellie and Don (whom I love). I have no siblings (you can apply here), but my mom does treat our corgis like her children...

I've been singing/songwriting for as long as I can remember, and will be until I can't remember anymore. I'm an extrovert with a positive attitude - always have been, and always will be! Piano, ukulele, and vocal chords are my instruments of choice. 

I currently live in Denver with my two brilliant, beautiful best friends, Lauren and Mihana, both of whom have been (and continue to be) my biggest humor consultants and inspiration.


Also... yes. My resume video went a little viral, so I decided it was time to finally let you know what I'm up to now. Through that song, I was lucky enough to finally find my dream job with Zoom Video Communications, AND I get to keep making fun, creative content for businesses! So, thank you so much to everyone who reached out on social media, and especially to those on LinkedIn, for believing in me

If I could make a living doing anything in the world, it would be singing all the time, working with inspirational people everyday, and building a business (so far, so good) all while being the mom to, like, 6 dogs (still working on it).